Role of the Welfare Officer

The Club Welfare Officer is responsible for ensuring that all personnel who have significant contact with children and young people undertake a DRB check and completes the Swim England self-declaration (purple) form.

The Club Welfare Officer is the appropriate person to whom concerns of a child protection nature should be raised.   The Welfare Officer will be able to give you information on how to appropriately refer on the concern or will take the responsibility on herself.

A child is defined as any young person under the age of 18.

Swim England Swimline is for anyone who is in involved in swimming.

Calls are answered by trained and experienced counsellors who will advise you and will act to protect children.  These are generally members of swimming clubs who work in child welfare as a profession and have volunteered to help the Swim England programme.

If there is an issue which causes concern the Swim England will act to protect the child.

Swim England Swimline (Freephone number):            0800 100 4001

NSPCC Child Protection Helpline (Free 24hr):            0808 800 5000

For the protection of all children, coaches and responsible adults involved with Verulam ASC there should NEVER be a one (adult) to one (child) situation in any circumstances.

Verulam ASC Welfare Officer:     Pippa Hopkins contact her through the Verulam website. (Contact Us tab)



(Affiliated with Swim England East Region)

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