How to Select Them

By now you should know you can’t just buy the first pair of goggles that you see. There are two simple tests what will help you.

  1. Gently push the goggles into your eye sockets without using the straps. They should seal well, providing a gentle suction, and fit comfortably.
  2. With the straps on, the nose piece should sit nicely on the bridge of the nose without digging into the skin.

If either of these tests fail, look for another type of goggle. No matter how cool they look on you.

Wear and Care of Your Goggles

When not diving, the straps should be fairly loose to avoid prolonged pressure on the eyes. If you need to tighten them to keep water out, then you either need new goggles, or you need a different type of goggle.

For diving and competitions you can tighten the straps a bit so that the eye cups won’t flip open. Races are short enough that the slight amount of extra pressure shouldn’t be a problem

New goggles usually come with an anti-fog layer to keep the goggles clear. But this layer doesn’t last forever, and eventually they’ll start fogging up. So here’s what you can do:

  • don’t wipe the inside of your goggles with your fingers or anything else to wipe away the fog. This will just scrape away the anti-fog coating even faster
  • some people like having a small amount of water in them to clear away any ‘fog’ while they swim, others lick the inside so the saliva will keep fog from forming
  • rinse them off after use to remove chlorine or salt residue
  • some use an anti-fog spray made for goggles

And one last tip. Bring an extra pair of goggles to practices and competitions. Make sure they are already adjusted for you, so that if you need them in a hurry they’re immediately good to go. I’ve seen swimmers bring an extra pair behind the blocks

Final Comment

There are many reasons why swimmers are so much faster than 50 years ago. Better science, smarter training, different swim rules, etc. But in my opinion goggles remain the biggest reason. If you don’t think so, try swimming a week’s worth of practices without goggles and see how you feel….

from  Rick Madge