For those past their first flush of youth, swimming with masters is an excellent way to keep fit and meet like-minded people. For those who are really keen, competitions are available. Verulam Masters compete for St Albans Masters Swimming Club.

Please note that as Verulam ASC  is primarily for children, only one lane is allocated to masters swimmers on Sunday afternoons. Although a swimming schedule is provided, no coaching for stroke improvement is  provided. It is assumed that you can swim all strokes  and we do look for a certain basic standard of swimming proficiency from potential new joiners.


6:00pm to 7:00pm on Sunday


Training takes place at Westminster Lodge

How Much?

Fees are £36.50 for 6 months, plus an annual ASA fee of £33.50 or £16.90, depending on level of competition.

Thinking of joining? Please contact Janet Gardiner on 01727 863945 or email