WestMinster Lodge: Normal Operating Procedures And Emergency Action Plans (NOP and EAP)

WESTMINSTER LODGE SWIMMING POOL (click here for Marlborough Pool)


Main Pool dimensions 21m x 25m with various depths

Small Pool dimensions 17m x 10 m with various depths


Disinfectant – Sodium Hypochlorite

PH Correcting Hydrochloric acid

Coaqulant PAC (Pollyaluminium Chloride)


LIFEGUARDS – On duty at all times, minimum 2 lifeguards main pool, 1 lifeguard small pool.


Lifeguards will

At all times

  1. Turn up for work physically fit, have good vision and hearing and be mentally alert
  2. Wear the correct uniform (yellow shirt, red shorts and trainers and carry your whistle)
  3. Keep a close watch over the pool and the pool users, exercising the appropriate level of control
  4. Communicate effectively with pool users, and colleagues
  5. Anticipate problems and prevent accidents
  6. Intervene to prevent behaviour which is unsafe
  7. Identify emergencies quickly and take appropriate action
  8. Carry out rescues from the water
  9. Give immediate first aid to any casualty
  10. Be able to supervise.
  11. To scan zone in line with 10:20 system including Pool view system.

Pool Rules

  • No running
  • No diving in the main pool Shallow End, Small pool or Water Confidence.
  • No bombing
  • No acrobatics or gymnastics
  • No pushing
  • No ducking
  • No shouting
  • Floats must be kept away from the sides of the pool
  • Under 8’s must be supervised by their parent or an adult over the age of 18 (to a maximum of 2 children per adult)
  • No swimming under the influence of drugs or alcohol

No food or drink to be consumed.



Lifeguards on duty have a full working knowledge of the pool rules and emergency procedure.  Local Evacuation cards on the wall by the alarms lead to nearest evacuation point, evacuation will be led by the lifeguards or duty manager, head for the evacuation point on the far side by the deep end of the pool.

Pool Alarm – three tone repeated siren

Fire /Evacuation Alarm – continuous high pitched siren.

On hearing/activating the alarm the lifeguards will take full responsibility for evacuation of the pool area.


In the event of a serious injury the lifeguard will

  1. Activate the Pool Alarm
  2. Blow three whistles
  3. Initiate Rescue

Receptionists will

On hearing the pool alarm which is a 3 tone repeated siren

Put out a PA announcement ‘All Lifeguards to poolside immediately’  for other areas alarms ‘All Colleagues to ‘indicate area’ immediately’

  1. Stop admissions to the swimming pool
  2. If request by the Duty Manager, Dial (9)999 to contact an ambulance giving the sites address Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre, Holywell Hill, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 2DL
  3. Allocate a high visibility jacket from the major incident pack to the colleague meeting the ambulance, Allow access to the Service Yard near the First Aid Fire Escape

All other Lifeguards Will

On hearing the pool alarm which is a three tone repeated siren

  1. Make your way immediately to the poolside in a safe controlled manner.
  2. Shut down all poolside features that could effect rescue
  3. Clear the pool hall of bathers and stop all activities
  4. Support colleague initiating rescue

Duty Manager Will

  1. Make your way immediately to the poolside in a safe controlled manner.
  2. Shut down all poolside features that could affect rescue
  3. Clear the pool of bathers and stop all activities
  4. If necessary, contact Reception to call ambulance indicating the nature of the emergency in as much detail as possible.
  5. Arrange for colleague to put on high visibility jacket and meet the ambulance in the service yard near the First Aid room Fire Escape
  6. Reset Pool Alarm.
  7. Record incident on an accident form and an accident / incident investigation form.
  8. Inform Regional Health and Safety Manager and General Manager of Incident
  9. Reopen Pool and inform Reception to restart admissions when appropriate.


In the event of an evacuation the lifeguards will

On hearing the evacuation alarm which is a continuous high pitched siren

  1. Will locate and remove local evacuation card from the wall
  2. Evacuate your current evacuation area as detailed on the evacuation cards. Do not delay your own evacuation by entering into arguments with customers – be firm in insisting that customers evacuate on instruction.
  3. Take swimmers to the assembly point.



VASC22 (WML, see also Marlborough)

(Affiliated with Swim England East Region)