Verulam Swim Club’s transformational steps (From June til August)

Like the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, we are going through a significant transformation.

Beginning sometime in July, we will have a new web-site and an app for mobile devices. The two are linked and work from the same platform (called Team Unify). You may have seen other local clubs’ that have made this transition already.

We are finishing off the final set-up of the new systems, and will launch everything in mid-July. This will enable us to collect the next round of fees through the new system, and update everyone’s contact information at the same time.

Coincidentally, we have also welcomed Kathryn Penfold to the role of “Club Communicator” (not the official title). Kathryn will be sending email to the swim club (the big kids) parents as well as to the parents of the children in the Sunday night swim school.  The email address from which she will send these is:  Please check your junk-email folders and mark her address as NOT JUNK.

Also, a note of thanks to Tomasz Jardzioch, who will be helping me (Lea) by posting events and updates to this web-site over the next few weeks!


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