Verulam ASC Philosophy

Verulam is a friendly club whose aim is to teach, develop and enhance the ability of the individual through hard work and dedication. Our swimmers are motivated to learn, improve and achieve, while having fun. We believe that you can achieve much more if you are having fun.

The Club Development Programme is designed so that all swimmers are encouraged to progress. Achievable targets are set for everyone, and everyone has a place within Verulam.

Opportunities are provided for all, from a Learn to Swim Programme to a Swimming Development Programme, through a progressively structured framework according to the individuals level of ability, ambition and application.

The club actively encourages its senior swimmers to attend appropriate training courses. They can, in turn, teach and coach the junior members. This works extremely well for everyone involved and helps maintain the friendly atmosphere of the club.

Verulam has been awarded Swim Mark Essential Accreditation from Swim England and are committed to a programme of continuous improvement including the professional development of our coaches.


Verulam is committed to fostering a friendly club environment that allows all its members to enjoy swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle. In particular, we:
• welcome swimmers of all abilities, ensuring they can achieve their goals
• place strong emphasis on teaching and developing swimming skills
• provide a stretching training and competitive regime for the more able swimmers

The aim of the club is to provide the opportunity for anyone wanting to learn to swim and when appropriate, regular competition. Competition will be at a level that is both appropriate and gradually progressive in standard. This is achieved through Internal Time Trials, Club Galas, Club Champs, Peanuts, Herts and Arena Leagues, Open Meets (Novice, Sprints & Long Distance), County and Regional Championships.

It is the aim of Verulam to develop more partnerships within the community and offer support to anyone wanting to swim.


(Affiliated with Swim England East Region)

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