Equal Opportunity Policy

Verulam Swimming Club is totally committed to promoting equality and diversity for all its members.

Equality and diversity is about treating everyone, both inside and outside the Club, with dignity and respect. It is about welcoming diversity and recognising that each person has to balance personal and swimming needs in order to fulfil all its commitments.

Swimming needs does not mean that one person should be treated either better or worse than any other. It means ensuring that all are treated with the dignity that we would expect for ourselves.

Coaches, Parents and Swimmers should all want to be treated fairly, appropriately and without discrimination whilst in a swimming environment.


Verulam Swimming Club is committed to providing an environment which is free of harassment or bullying for its members and will take positive steps to eliminate it by monitoring and investigating any allegations of unacceptable behaviour.

Harassment and Bullying Behaviour will not be tolerated in any pool situation, be it a training session or a club gala.

Should Harassment or Bullying actually result in an actual injury, this could amount to a criminal matter.


Verulam Swimming Club is committed to promoting equality and diversity within the guidelines laid down by the British Amateur Swimming Association.

Verulam has a legal obligation under the anti-discrimination legislation to act in a non-discriminatory manner in the way it treats its members. It has a duty to ensure that all its members are treated in accordance with the employment provisions of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and the Race relations Act 1976 and finally the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.



(Affiliated with Swim England East Region)



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