Accident And Incident Procedure

Name of Club: Verulam Swimming Club
Facilities : Westminster Lodge(WML)/Marlborough Swimming Pools (MP)

Normal operating procedures (NOP)
These are located on the Verulam website.

Emergency action plan (EAP)
These are located on the Verulam website.

Location of emergency telephones:

  • Westminster Lodge: Reception
  • Marlborough Pool: on the wall of the corridor leading out of the swimming pool between the boys and girls changing rooms.  The Marlborough Science Academy, Watling Street, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL1 2Q

Lifeguards are present for the duration of all WML Verulam training sessions and will take over should there be an accident/incident or necessary evaluation.

Location of first aid equipment:
WML staff are to administer first aid and the first aid equipment is located in the first aid room between the learner pool and the main pool.
MP first aid kit is located in the Verulam cage in the store room.

Location of club accident/incident record log: The Accident/Incident Record Log book is held by the chairman. However a photocopy of an incident form can be found at the back of the register. This is to be completed and sent to the chairman within 24 hours.

All persons in charge of club sessions must be aware of the facilities NOP and EAP as above. These should be strictly followed in case of an emergency.

The important actions points are:
• Raise the alarm
• Call the emergency services (if necessary)
• Do not move someone with major injuries, wait for specialist help
• Ensure the rest of the group is properly supervised
• Contact the injured person’s parent or carer – see register for emergency information
• Complete the club’s accident/incident record log
• Inform insurer

Incident – not resulting in physical injury
Accident – physical injury

(Affiliated with Swim England East Region)