About Competitions for 2018 and beyond – Explanations from Coach Z

Hi to All!
We are adding many events to the calendar well in advance.  These are the events that we usually attend. So swimmers/parents that have done 1 or 2 competitive seasons with us know about them. I hope that the advance notification of the events will allow everyone, including newcomers to the competition, to plan their weekends in advance.
Arena Swimming League – we are participating in R1-3 only -October-November- December. For our division there is no qualification or finals at the National level. BUT these 3 rounds are licensed meets. Meaning: they are important for swimmers hoping to achieve CCQT (County Championships Qualifying Times).
Some of the Open Meets clash, which is unfortunate.  Ex: HH put the HHSC Alan Doyle Memorial Sprint on the same date as HSC Last Chance Qualifier, as HSC is the one we’ve always attended, but I would have liked to support Alan Doyle Memorial Sprint, too.
The same applies for the clash between HSC L3 Legacy Meet AND 06 October  HHSC Brday Open; in this instance HSC moved their meet at the HH ‘slot’!  Our club previously attended both, but now we have to make the choice.
By regularly attending the same meets Verulam club built a the relationship with the clubs organising these meets: we get the advance notifications of the meets, usually organisers will secure entries for us, providing I accept the invitation for the entries, and the organisers know they can count on us (and our funds) attending. 
Head coaches decide on the Open meets for club’s swimmers, and these meets are also attended and supported by the coach present at the meet. There are also Opens that swimmers can and do sign for and attend but without the coach present (like the suggested July meet). As the meets are for swimmers, the  current  Verulam competition fixture list was agreed/setup over the the past years with the parents and swimmers. Now, Verulam has a group of swimmers  that will benefit from attending L2 & L1 Opens; So – A calendar of these events needs to checked, agreed on with the parents and swimmers, and added to the competitions fixtures.
Hope that makes it a competition fixture list more transparent!